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🚨 [Safety Tip] 🚨

Have you ever wondered what to do if you find yourself in a situation where you need to let your loved ones and possibly emergency responders know where you are and what’s happening around you?

On a completely different note maybe you don’t trust your baby daddy or your children and you want to know where they are at a given time with video confirmation they aren’t doing anything they aren’t supposed to be doing?

Now I know this idea isn’t original and there’s probably better products out there but this way you and I will learn something along the way! I’m also not going to say this is the most robust piece of software out there and I’m not going to say using this will protect you or keep you out of harms way but I think this will certainly be worth your time and may even provide you will the introduction you needed to start automating your life and jump-starting your creativity flow!

This is a follow up to yesterday’s post about automating your life. Yesterday evening my friend Titus showed me a Shortcut he created that sent his GPS location and his IP address to one or more of his contacts via a text message. I thought this was super cool and useful for many reasons. I woke up this morning and read a tweet from @suchnerve who had created something similar. Great minds think alike! I then proceeded to download @suchnerve’s Shortcut and modify it. I’ll include my version below as well as a Shortcut that will reverse the changes the first Shortcut makes.

The goal of my “SOS” Shortcut is to gather Wi-Fi details if the user is connected to Wi-Fi, external IP address, battery level, current GPS location, and send this information to contacts the user designates. All of this information will help locate the individual. The next steps of the Shortcut will turn on the Low Power Mode, Do Not Disturb, and set the Volume and Brightness to the lowest possible setting in order to conserve the iPhone’s battery as well as make the phone and the user as stealthy as possible. The final execution of the Shortcut will enable the front facing camera in order to take a video of the user and their surroundings. The reason I chose to use a front facing camera is for the ability to say something quietly with the possibility that the receiver may have to read the persons lips, using a front facing camera also minimizes the risk of the flash of the rear facing camera drawing attention to the user. The user will need to click the button to start recording and click the button again to stop the recording (this is normal camera functionality). The user will then click “use video” and they will be taken to the Message app in which they can click the up arrow to send the video to their designated contacts.

The goal of the “SOS Reverse Settings” Shortcut is to disable Low Power Mode, disable Do Not Disturb, Set the Brightness to a mid-level, and set the volume to a mid-level. These settings are very easy to change to your liking.

I recommend doing the following for ensuring success with using these Shortcuts. In order for you to take advantage of Shortcuts you need to update your iPhone to iOS 12 and download the “Shortcuts” app from the App Store. Once that’s done it’s time to setup some dependencies for the Shortcuts to work properly. Once you’ve downloaded my Shortcuts from the below links you’ll need to open the Shortcuts app and allow access to the various components the Shortcut needs to execute. Now don’t worry I won’t have access to your information, “allowing access” just allows the Shortcuts app on your iPhone to access your iPhone settings. The only thing you’ll need to change after allowing access is the contact(s) you’ll want to send the SOS message and video to (the first input box you’ll see at the top after clicking on the 3 dots located on the right of the Shortcut box. Clicking the + sign will allow you to select from your existing contacts). I recommend creating a contact for yourself and selecting it for testing the Shortcut a couple of times. Now let’s talk about how to operationally use the SOS shortcut. You don’t want to give up your position and bring attention to yourself so I recommend going into your settings and setting your Siri “Voice Feedback” to “Hands-Free Only”. Once this is done I recommend going into the Shortcuts app and finding the SOS shortcut you downloaded from my link below and going into it’s settings which are on the top right and clicking on “Add to Siri” and say “SOS”. In order to utilize the change you made to “Voice Feedback” I recommend execution of this Shortcut to be: unlocking your phone using the fingerprint reader, holding down to activate Siri silently, and saying “SOS” softly. The Shortcut will fire and you’ll go through the prompts I mentioned above, if for any reason the user is unable to complete the video section the text message with the GPS location and IP information will still be sent. After the Shortcut is finished you may run the SOS Reverse Settings to reset your iPhone settings back to a normal state. I’m sure this is as clear as mud so I plan on releasing a How-To video later in the week that’ll walk you through this process. Stay Vigilante, Stay Safe!

SOS Shortcut:

SOS Reverse Settings:


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